video LEGO® Creator 30285 Tiger Review

I got an email from LEGO® the other day that said I could have a free tiger if I showed my VIP card in store. The tiger turned out to be a polybag LEGO® Creator 30285 Tiger set. This was previously available in store for around £2.99 so I guess they’re getting rid of some surplus stock but seeing as it is free, I took it.

As usual with the polybag sets there’s a small number of pieces, around 75 in this case, and just a folded up instruction leaflet to help you whiz through the build. It is a nice little build with a small amount of repetition for the tiger’s four legs but there’s only 6 pieces for each leg so it isn’t exactly a chore.

With small numbers of pieces the polybag sets don’t take long to build and are fairly straight forward but for many fans one of the joys of these sets is seeing what pieces are included and if they can be re-used in their sets or cities. In this case there are two ball joints used – one for the head and the other for the tail – and four technic pieces to attach the legs to the body which could be handy pieces to have.

The largest piece is an angled plate used to make the head and the majority of the remaining pieces are either small plates or 1×1 bricks. There are no minifigures or large bricks included in this set but plenty of fans will still find the included elements useful.

Once built, it does resemble a tiger with some strategically placed black and orange pieces but the teeth cause a bit of confusion with a sabre tooth tiger since they look like fangs. It is playful though and you can position the tiger in several different poses because of the ball joints and technic pieces.

Overall this is a nice little set which includes some useful piece. For the price of £2.99 it is a good set but when it’s free … well … everything tastes better when it’s free.

S H O P    A R O U N D

I buy most of my LEGO® from the LEGO® Store when they have promotions like this free gift with purchase and I like to check the prices at Amazon, Smyths Toys and John Lewis too in case I can find a better price or promotion.

Be sure to shop around, check prices and find the best deal for you!

Amazon US or Amazon UK – I usually find Amazon has the lowest prices and since I have their Prime membership I get next day delivery too. However, be sure to shop around because the LEGO® Shop, while usually full price, often has free gift with purchase promotions!

LEGO® Store USA or LEGO® Store UK – I always check the official LEGO® online store because they often have promotions such as a free polybag with purchase, however I find that delivery can be slower than Amazon.

Smyths Toys UK– I find delivery is very fast and they often have voucher codes so I like to check this store too. If you’re lucky enough to live near an actual Smyths Toys store you might be able to find some bargains because I sometimes see some amazing LEGO® offers that are only available in store and not online!

John Lewis UK – I love shopping at John Lewis because it is a nice store and they also price match. I have found some exclusive sets at John Lewis too.


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