video LEGO® City 5004404 Police Chase Promo Set


Lego City 5004404 Police Chase Polybag is a little promo set that I picked up today at the LEGO® Store as a free gift with purchase! It is a cool little set, the road is neat and you can build the 2 models of car in 3 different styles each! You also get a little pad of scorecard sheets so you can keep track of who is winning! The road ramp is made of cardboard so you can easily move it around and have the police chase in the weirdest of places! The two cars can chase each other or they can be placed side by side for a race to the finish!

When I got this set I was actually expecting the LEGO® 40220 London Bus promo set but for some reason that is not available in the UK! Imagine my disappointment when I got the Police Chase set instead! There is a big difference in the amount that has to be spent to get this set rather than the London Bus set though so it isn’t a straight comparison. Maybe in the future we will be able to get the London Bus from LEGO® in the UK, until then I will be thankful that I live in London and can ride a red bus for real :o). I would have liked all those red lego bricks that are used to make the bus but never mind! I like the blue lego car in this set even if it is a tiny little build and the brown lego used for the other car is nice. The blue lego is used to make the police car, which is often the colour that police cars are but I am not sure why they made the criminal’s car out of brown lego.

The idea of this game is to have the police car chase the bad guys in the other car but you can also race them against each other. Lego include a little pad of post it notes which you can use to keep score of how many times the police car wins or how many times the baddies get to escape a hefty prison sentence! There are two round counters or cut-out pieces to represent the players so if you are playing as a two player game with a friend you can choose if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy. Have fun with either car leading the chase or have both players go to war with each other and see who wins.

The lego cars chase each other down the steep slope on the road that comes with this promo set. The road is made of cardboard so is a more of an arts and crafts affair than an actual lego build or lego road plates. That is a shame but I guess it would have been too expensive for Lego to have included real lego roads. It would have been nice to be able to send the players on a lego road trip though! Something I liked is that the cars can be built in different designs but I would have preferred to have had big cars instead so that I could put minifigures in them… minifig carpool karaoke anyone?!

I think kids love chasing each other … in fact so do cats and dogs and puppies! Everyone seems to like a chase whether it is kids chasing each other around the garden or animals chasing each other so I think the idea of a police chase as a promotion will go down really well with a lot of lego fans!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have this set too or what your favourite LEGO® set is!

S H O P    A R O U N D

I buy most of my LEGO® from the LEGO® Store when they have promotions like this free gift with purchase and I like to check the prices at Amazon, Smyths Toys and John Lewis too in case I can find a better price or promotion.

Be sure to shop around, check prices and find the best deal for you!

Amazon US or Amazon UK – I usually find Amazon has the lowest prices and since I have their Prime membership I get next day delivery too. However, be sure to shop around because the LEGO® Shop, while usually full price, often has free gift with purchase promotions!

LEGO® Store USA or LEGO® Store UK – I always check the official LEGO® online store because they often have promotions such as a free polybag with purchase, however I find that delivery can be slower than Amazon.

Smyths Toys UK– I find delivery is very fast and they often have voucher codes so I like to check this store too. If you’re lucky enough to live near an actual Smyths Toys store you might be able to find some bargains because I sometimes see some amazing LEGO® offers that are only available in store and not online!

John Lewis UK – I love shopping at John Lewis because it is a nice store and they also price match. I have found some exclusive sets at John Lewis too.


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