video LEGO® Friends 30396 Cupcake Stall

Lego Friends 30396 Cupcake Stall promo set is a nice little polybag which LEGO was giving away as a gift with purchase if you spent £25 or more on their LEGO Friends line. I picked one up when I bought the Hotdog Stand and the Pop Star TV Studio!

Emma is the Friends character that comes with this set and she has been a little entrepreneur and got cupcake stall complete with a few cakes to sell to some hungry LEGO City residents! I am sure one or two of them have a cupcake addiction so if Emma has a secret cupcake recipe with some magic ingredients she will soon put the Cupcake Cafe out of business!

I like the Lego promotions that have been available this year and I have got some pretty cool lego promo sets and polybags. I like this one and I really liked the Lego Creator Tiger polybag set that I also got free earlier this year.

The Lego Friends sets are relatively new and have been hugely successful for the LEGO Group. Although they are primarily targeted at girls there are still some great little builds that would look fantastic in any Lego City. I like the use of bright colours in the Friends sets, a bit like those used in the Lego Elves series, but what makes them really cool is the creativeness of the Lego Designers and Master Builders that come up with these designs. The Pop Star TV Studio for example comes with a little TV camera and the Lego Friends Hot Dog Stand comes with an funny little cutout to position your minifigures behind! They’re fantastic!

A lot of the Friends series is built around the Lego Friends Amusement Park theme which is great because you can get a little rollercoaster and a space ride to put in your Lego City!

Of course, everyone likes cupcakes, right? So how awesome is it that you can now have a little cupcake stand courtesy of the Lego Friends series?! I think I will place mine along a residential street in my city like a lemonade stall!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have this set too or what your favourite LEGO® set is!

S H O P    A R O U N D

I buy most of my LEGO® from the LEGO® Store when they have promotions like this free gift with purchase and I like to check the prices at Amazon, Smyths Toys and John Lewis too in case I can find a better price or promotion.

Be sure to shop around, check prices and find the best deal for you!

Amazon US or Amazon UK – I usually find Amazon has the lowest prices and since I have their Prime membership I get next day delivery too. However, be sure to shop around because the LEGO® Shop, while usually full price, often has free gift with purchase promotions!

LEGO® Store USA or LEGO® Store UK – I always check the official LEGO® online store because they often have promotions such as a free polybag with purchase, however I find that delivery can be slower than Amazon.

Smyths Toys UK– I find delivery is very fast and they often have voucher codes so I like to check this store too. If you’re lucky enough to live near an actual Smyths Toys store you might be able to find some bargains because I sometimes see some amazing LEGO® offers that are only available in store and not online!

John Lewis UK – I love shopping at John Lewis because it is a nice store and they also price match. I have found some exclusive sets at John Lewis too.


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