video LEGO® Eraser and Pencil Sharpener Review

Does LEGO® make stationery? Yes! New for 2016 the LEGO Pencil Sharpener and LEGO Eraser could make the perfect gift for a LEGO® fan! The pencil sharpener set includes two pencil sharpeners in blue and red and each one has 4×2 plate so you can attach them to rest of the lego stationery line, and a lid to keep everything nice and neat! The Lego eraser set includes two circular UFO shaped erasers each with a different coloured brick in at its centre.

Both the lego pencil sharpener and lego eraser include a built in lego brick so you can use your own bricks or lego minifigures to personalise them and make your own custom designs. Add a personal touch to your stationery by attaching your own LEGO bricks or LEGO Minifigures to make something truly unique.

The item numbers for these sets are Lego 5005108 Erasers Blue Yellow and Lego 5005112 Pencil Sharpeners. Both stationery sets are new Lego sets for 2016 along with a few others and all together they would make a very nice nice customised stationery set or personalised stationery collection. The Lego stationery line includes the buildable ruler, a pencil box or pencil case, erasers, pencil sharpeners and a really nice pencil set which would make a lovely gift for a special occasion, or a back to school haul!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have this set too or what your favourite LEGO® set is!

S H O P   A R O U N D

I buy most of my LEGO® from the LEGO® Store when they have promotions like this free gift with purchase and I like to check the prices at Amazon, Smyths Toys and John Lewis too in case I can find a better price or promotion.

Be sure to check the prices, shop around and find the best deal for you!

I usually find Amazon has the lowest prices and since I have their Prime membership I get next day delivery too. However, be sure to shop around because the LEGO® Shop, while usually full price, often has free gift with purchase promotions!

US: Eraser
US: Pencil Sharpener

UK: Eraser
UK: Pencil Sharpener

I always check the official LEGO® online store because they often have promotions such as a free polybag with purchase, however I find that delivery can be slower than Amazon.

US: Eraser
US: Pencil Sharpener

UK: Eraser
UK: Pencil Sharpener

I love shopping at John Lewis because it is a nice store and they also price match. I have found some exclusive sets at John Lewis too.

UK: Eraser
UK: Pencil Sharpener


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