video LEGO 2017 Wall Calendar Coupons and LEGO City Update

Here’s a look at the 2017 Wall Calendar that Lego have been giving away recently and I also picked up one of the Lego Gingerbread Man minfigures which was the store promotion when I went in today. Stay tuned for a sneak peak of my Lego city update at the end of the video!

The 2017 LEGO Wall Calendar includes 12 vouchers to use throughout the year – one for each month.

January – a LEGO Birthday Card
February – 2017 Wall Calendar Stickers Sheet
March – Free Iconic Easter Minifigure 5004468 (LEGO Chicken Suit Guy)
April – 100 VIP Bonus Points
May – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Milano 30449
June – Free LEGO Duplo Surprise
July – Free Lego Friends Storage Box 40266
August – An additional stamp in your LEGO Passport
September – Free LEGO Ninjago Keychain 5004915
October – Free Gift
November – Mystery Voucher
December – Entry to the LEGO Christmas sweepstakes

I also give a quick LEGO City walkthrough so you can see the latest changes I have made to the layout including a sparkly LEGO river going under Tower Bridge! I also have Big Ben, Ghostbusters Firehouse, Ferris wheel, Fairground mixer and several modular buildings and trains.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have this set too or what your favourite LEGO set is!

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