video Lego Train Ride 2017

 I’ve made a huge LEGO Train layout going through my house and around my LEGO city for January 2017! 

The layout is huge now because I have extended it to go all around my house! I remember dreaming about making an epic train layout in my bedroom when I was a kid and now I have done it I can confirm that everything is awesome! 

It is the biggest, largest, most epic layout I have made so far and used lots of train track and my collection is turning in to a giant LEGO city and taking over my home! I’d like to build some more tunnels and bridges to make the track more exciting and maybe have some different themes.

My favourite is the little haunted surprise under my bed and the Spiderman bridge scene where it looks like there has been a train crash! I have a few superheroes sets and some from the new Lego Batman Movie so I want to make a Superhero neighbourhood too. 

Most of my other LEGO sets are on display in this video so take a look and let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below! 

Keep an eye out for the portaloo, the cute little bat and the deadly crocodile. There’s also the wall of pick a brick cups to whizz past! I hope you like it, all aboard and enjoy the ride!

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